Lessons of 2020: Embracing the Digital Lifestyle Fully

Lessons of 2020: Embracing the Digital Lifestyle Fully

In today’s modern world, more people are now using technology in their daily lives. With the COVID-19 pandemic, being adept at technology has become more crucial than ever. The newest apps allow people to get the essentials they need at the safety and comfort of their homes while helping businesses stay open.

Living a digital lifestyle can help society become more resilient in the face of the pandemic. Here’s how the world is embracing the digital lifestyle in 2020.

Buying Homes Online

Despite the economy dwindling, the real estate market is going strong. More homeowners are selling their properties because of the increasing demand, and more investors are looking to score great deals because of record-low interest rates. Most realtors and investors are now turning to use home selling apps that connect them with sellers online to do their business. That provides a new way of home browsing or purchasing via digital technology, making it safe and convenient for everyone.

Ordering Food Online

With most governments implementing strict lockdown protocols and guidelines, many people are staying home. Individuals are coping with the isolation of staying at home by ordering their favourite food online, allowing them to order from their phone and have it delivered straight to their doors. Besides satisfying cravings, delivery services have been the saving grace for most food establishments, with food delivery services seeing an increase of up to 50% since the pandemic started.

A critical lesson that the restaurant industry has learned from the crisis is that having online ordering systems is not about having auxiliary sale channels but a necessity.

Online Grocery and Supplies Shopping

The pandemic has transformed online shopping from a convenient ‘nice to have’ feature to a ‘must-have’ worldwide. Global statistics showed an increase of over 76% of online shopping sales last June, during the peak of the pandemic. Although online shopping is becoming the norm, it needs to follow a strong logistic system since in-person deliveries are not virus-proof. That’s why aside from providing a convenient shopping experience at home, delivery companies are now making it safer for you to get your supplies by implementing ‘contactless delivery services.’

These services are when goods are picked up or dropped off at designated locations instead of from and into a person’s hands. Some prominent e-commerce companies in China are improving their services by providing robot deliveries.

Working and Schooling Online

Many people are now working remotely either due to their companies requiring them to or on their free will. Technology has made this possible by offering Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Voice Over Internet Protocols (VoIP), virtual meetings, cloud technology, and other workplace collaboration tools. Besides preventing the spread of the virus, remote work has saved individuals time, effort, and money while providing flexibility.

Aside from working at home, distance or online learningis gradually becoming the norm for every student worldwide since many schools closed due to the pandemic. Many educational institutions are now offering courses online, ensuring children and adults alike continue to learn despite the circumstances.

Investing Online

Many people are now investing online because of better opportunities, with some stocks experiencing a significant increase since the pandemic started, including tech stocks and firearm stocks. Each one has double-digit growth in recent months. Many people are taking advantage of this and are experiencing lucrative growth.

Many experts expect these technology trends to expand after the crisis, allowing people to embrace the digital lifestyle with open arms, making their lives easier, more comfortable, and convenient.

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