4 Effective Methods for Building a Better Brand Image

4 Effective Methods for Building a Better Brand Image

The current health crisis is hitting business hard everywhere. For example, even large companies in Australia are chafing from border restrictions. Meanwhile, smaller businesses have had to make harsh decisions to stay open as they continue to operate at reduced capacity.

You may be tempted to enhance your brand awareness at this time. After all, what better way to attract new customers than expanding your influence and letting more people know your business exists? However, you’ll be skipping an important step in ensuring your business’s survival.

Before you start increasing brand awareness, you first need to work on your brand image. An experienced advertising company and a professional copywriting agency can work wonders on your brand image, but here are some ways you can provide them with a great foundation to work with.

  1. Start on the Inside

Your employees are your business’s best advocates. Which makes creating a healthy and supportive corporate culture your first step into building an amazing brand image. Happy and satisfied employees not only project that your business is a caring and comforting environment, but they also improve your reputation in the professional community.

Make sure your company culture addressed major issues, such as sexual harassment and discrimination swiftly and effectively. Aside from tackling such problems, small gestures of appreciation go a long way in ensuring employee loyalty. For example, regular acknowledgments of your employees’ successes and make them feel special. You should also emphasize teamwork between different sectors of your company to ensure an environment of cooperation and camaraderie.

  1. Be Consistent

You can create awareness of a brand that’s always changing or interchangeable with others. The key to a great brand image is therefore consistency. Your logo is the most repeated image connected with your brand. Work with excellent artists and marketing experts to come up with a unique logo and use it continually in your business endeavors.

Put your logo on official communications, stationery and miscellaneous objects, like pens or mugs. Even if you’re running a small or medium business, it would help if you compile a brand bible that will regulate the proper colors and usage for your logo and associated imagery.

  1. Update Online Presence

Never forget to update all online channels and platforms whenever you change your brand image. As your primary online presence, your website should always be up to date with any brand image effort, particularly with designs and logos. After updating your website, systematically go through every one of your online channels and digital media. Social media pages are important, but so are the signature banners of your employees’ business emails. A consistent online presence effectively reinforces your brand’s image.

  1. Strategic Social Media 

Social media accounts are now the best way to reach a large audience quickly, making them invaluable when improving brand image. You need to leverage the power of social media on your brand image strategically.

First, you must know which strata of a social media platform’s audience you’re aiming for. This can boil down to which social media site you’re going to use. For example, TikTok and Instagram generally have younger audiences than Facebook. Next, you must determine your brand’s voice on these platforms. Are you going for humorous or informative? Authoritative or approachable? Make sure this voice is consistent with your image and let it guide your content creation.

Do things in their proper order to help your business succeed in the coming months. Work on building a good brand image before you try enhancing awareness of your brand, and you’ll enjoy better results

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