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We would like to inform all news bloggers and writers that Manyaxis is delighted to receive guest articles from you on behalf of our readers. You are welcome to share articles on various topics such as PR (Press Release), events, lifestyle, education, research, company news, or information about products/services in the form of a blog on manyaxis.com.

To ensure the quality of articles, we require them to exhibit high quality in terms of correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and overall writing. Please note that the content should not be related to gambling, drugs, or any unacceptable categories.

If you are interested in posting your own guest article on our website, please contact us at info@manyaxis.com.

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Uniqueness: We prioritize unique content that has not been published elsewhere. We do not accept copyrighted content.

Simple Language: The article should be written in simple and easy-to-understand language so that readers with minimum education can comprehend it.

Acceptable Topics: The article should not be related to gambling, drugs, or any other unacceptable categories, including pornographic content.

No Commercial or Affiliation Links: We do not accept articles that contain links to commercial websites or affiliate programs.

Readability: The article should be well-formatted and easy to read. You can use formatting options such as short paragraphs, bold or italic text, headings, etc.

Personal Experience: If your article is based on tips or travel descriptions, including personal experiences is highly appreciated.

Length: We prefer guest posts to be between 700-1000 words in length.

Important Notifications:

– Acceptance/Rejection: If your article is accepted, you will receive a notification via email within 2-3 days of submission. In case of rejection, we will provide the reason for rejection.

– Promoting Your Article: Once your article is posted on our blog, please share the URL on social media platforms or promote it through various websites. Failure to do so may result in the removal of your link by us.

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