Commercial Building Curb Appeal Improvement Tips

Commercial Building Curb Appeal Improvement Tips

The exterior plays a huge role in whether your business will be perceived positively or not. It’s important to impress first-time customers because they may not return to your premises anymore if curb appeal is lacking. Potential tenants may also be put off by ill-maintained gardens, peeling paints, and broken windows.

If you want your commercial building business to be successful, you should invest in improving its curb appeal. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Clean the Property

Commercial buildings that aren’t newly constructed could already be collecting dirt and debris. Grime may also have already accumulated on the glass windows. Start off by having the building thoroughly cleaned.

2. Repaint

If a building’s paintwork already has a lot of chips, peels, and dirt, then it’s definitely time for a fresh coat of paint. Accentuate the facade using colors like deep red, silver, gold, or rich greens. Earthen tones such as brick red and olive will never go out of style, so consider those colors as well. If you wish to exude a more calming or aquatic appeal, try pales blues or turquoise.

3. Build a Landscape

Commercial landscaping service will surely add a new kind of appeal and freshness to your Monroe property. If there’s already an existing landscape, call in pros to have the shrubbery trimmed and the ground cleared of debris. If the land is still bare, seek out professional landscaping contractors to have a beautiful garden designed and built. Landscaped gardens aren’t only for curb appeal purposes because they can also serve as hangout spots. Provide seating areas around your landscape to invite people to use the area.

4. Repair the Windows

The look of windows is crucial to your property’s curb appeal. Faulty materials may lead to security issues, tarnishing your property’s reputation. Invest in durable and high-quality materials that are approved by builders. If the property lies in a city full of amazing views, you may want to have a picture window installed. This would also allow plenty of natural light to come in, which would surely be loved by your tenants and customers.

5. Repair or Update Signage

Updated signage is the key to pull in a lot of customers. It also makes the individual businesses operating in your commercial building spotted easily. Have any broken or lopsided signage fixed.

6. Improve Lighting

Your building’s beauty shouldn’t only be visible during the day. Consider both functionality and aesthetics when you decide on lighting design. For example, if the windows on your building are regularly patterned, then installing linear LED luminaries in the recesses will make it stand out. Another clever idea is to install wall-mounted lights beside each window. You can also light the windows from below; it would emit a more dramatic charm.

7. Provide Enough Parking Space

Without plenty of parking spaces insight, customers may get pissed off and leave your premises right away. Attend to them well by providing enough parking spaces that are tidy and safe. If your existing parking lot is already in a state of disrepair, have it cleaned and restored immediately. Make sure all lines are clear and the paves are in excellent condition.

With these tips, your commercial building will surely be more attractive and inviting. Your tenants will be impressed, as it would certainly pull in more customers. In turn, your business will keep thriving.

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  • Rachel Frampton
    July 5, 2022 at 2:27 am Reply

    My commercial building’s curb lacks appeal, and that is why I’ve decided to hire a commercial painting service that will be able to repaint its front area. I also agree with you that it will be best to upgrade its outdoor lights. Thank you for sharing the importance of having new plants and flowers added to the garden.

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