What is UAN?

What is UAN?

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has introduced the Universal Account Number (UAN) for members. The number allows portability of Provident Fund (PF) accounts from one employer to another without depending on any employer for withdrawal of EPF balance. This UAN number allows a member to view all his or her EPF accounts with current and former employers. With the number, a member can initiate the process of closing old accounts and transferring balances. The number, which has to be allotted by an employer, needs to be activated.

Get UAN from employer
Former employer will provide UAN and member ID to the current employer. These details are mandatory for UAN activation.

How can you access details through portal?

Members need to visit the UAN based Member Portal website i.e.
Initially, member will have to activate his UAN by selecting a link given ‘ACTIVATE YOUR UAN’ on the Member Portal. Member should have UAN which is provided by employer or company, Mobile and Member ID readily available to activate his/her UAN on the Member Portal.

Documents are considered for KYC?

Following documents can be used for KYC:-

  1. National Population Register
  3. Permanent Account Number
  4. Bank Account Number
  5. Passport
  6. Driving License
  7. Election Card
  8. Ration Card

You Need these documents in scanned format. Click on ‘Profile’ menu and then select ‘Update KYC Information’ in the Member Portal. The uploaded KYC document by the member will be approved by employer till then status of KYC will be shown as “Pending”.

Points to note

The member can access the EPF passbook and download the UAN card once registration is completed by using the login credentials.

For queries related to Member Portal, you can contact on following:
Help desk Number : 1800 118 005
Help desk Email Id :

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