Use the Best Hiring Assessments to Select Eligible Employees

Use the Best Hiring Assessments to Select Eligible Employees

Recruiting eligible candidates is a cost-intensive and time-consuming task for business enterprises and organizations. There are various ways to select and hire a candidate for the job. The lengthy process starts with placing an advertisement in newspapers, social media, and official networking sites such as LinkedIn.

The applications of candidates who send their resumes are sorted for a preliminary examination to filter candidates who do not fit the basic mentioned criteria of educational qualifications, years of experience, etc.

Then the shortlisted candidates are called for written examinations or interviews, depending on the HR policies of the enterprises. But with the changing technology, more and more enterprises are opting for a comprehensive method of conducting the assessment tests.

The best hiring assessments should assess candidates from multiple dimensions and aspects. Skill, knowledge, application, memory, problem-solving, logical thinking, communication, behavioral approach, etc. are some assessments that will help understand a candidate in more ways than one.

Enterprises are looking at companies that provide the virtual assessment test services to conduct the tests on their behalf. By hiring the services of these companies, many enterprises are saving time and money, and also selecting eligible candidates as employees. The HR personnel is being able to balance and multitask effectively as the companies handle the test conducting process.

The hiring assessment tests can be classified into aptitude tests, personality tests, and skill-based tests.

  • Cognitive Aptitude Tests
    • The general intelligence or brain-power of a candidate is assessed using aptitude tests.
    • These tests can be used in context to any job as every employee will need to possess a certain level of thinking capabilities to perform their job.
    • Cognitive aptitude tests are useful for middle and higher-level jobs and also for jobs where the employees have to interact with people on a daily basis.
    • Aptitude tests have been the single most accurate predictors of job performance when compared to other tests.
    • The test form can include real-time scenarios to assess critical thinking, logical thinking, decision making, problem-solving, ability to learn, application of knowledge, and other parameters.
    • The above mentioned skilled are not quantifiable and a mention in resumes is not sufficient for an enterprise to ascertain that the candidate possesses these skills.
    • Sales and marketing personnel, customer care representatives, managers, project leaders, programmers, database administrators, and just about every employee can be assessed based on their performance in the cognitive aptitude tests.
    • It is one of the best hiring assessments and the most used test by many enterprises.
  • Skill-based Tests
    • Job-related skills are assessed using these tests. Though a candidate’s aptitude is not exactly reflected, these tests are focused on the knowledge acquired by the candidate through his/ her years of education and work experience.
    • The skill-based tests can again be divided into basic skill test which includes all the basic or elementary aspects a candidate would need to possess.
      • For example, literacy, numeracy, attention to detail, communication skills, etc. come under the basic skill test.
    • The other skill-based test deals with the micro-skills or the skills specifically required for the job.
      • For example, debugging a program, using and working in Microsoft Excel, etc.
    • The skill-based tests do not predict the long-term job performance of a candidate but can assure the enterprises of a candidate’s abilities and skill level.
  • Personality or Behavioral Tests
    • These tests are becoming popular with the HR department of business enterprises.
    • Behavioral tests are conducted to analyze how well a candidate would be able to fit into the work environment of the enterprise.
    • A candidate’s output at work will also depend on his/ her ability to interact with colleagues, superiors, juniors, etc. in the enterprise.
    • There is no right or wrong answers when behavioral tests are concerned. The questions are designed to know more about the candidate’s reaction to various situations that might arise during their day to day work.
    • Assertiveness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Openness to experience and new learning, Integrity, and Stress Tolerance are some of the factors that are assessed in this test.
    • There is a chance that the candidate may not be truthful while answering the questions but instead provides answers which he/ she thinks are what the enterprise is looking for in an employee.
    • To avoid such complexities, the behavioral tests are conducted with skill-based and aptitude tests to get a total assessment of the candidate.

The companies that conduct the tests ensure that their test forms and procedures are in compliance with the industry policies. They also provide a shortlist of eligible candidates to the enterprises, making it easier for them to complete the recruiting process. The companies provide 24*7 technical support and offer full personalization of the test forms.

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