BizSplice is a Green Bay, Wisconsin financial services firm that executes exceptional business acquisitions and sales for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors looking to accelerate their strategic growth. If your strategic vision or strategic goals include a business acquisition, you owe it to yourself and your company to talk to us. Our proprietary Framework is more comprehensive than the typical M&A approach that is almost exclusively finance-focused. As business owners and operators who have done dozens of strategic acquisitions and sales, we dig far deeper into areas of a company that others don’t even know exist. This allows us to identify the hidden and unrecognized opportunities and problems that others never even see. We lead clients through the entire process from developing business growth strategies, initial preparation, identification, discovery, analysis, negotiation, closing, and all the way through the integration and optimization. We have a unique compensation system that allow you to pay the bulk of our fee out of the profits from the new acquisition. A strategic acquisition or sale achieves objectives other than just growing revenue and profits. It generates an exponentially greater number and magnitude of other benefits that accelerate your strategic vision and strategic goals. Call us. We can help you understand how to achieve the strategic growth you are looking for without the worry and risk.

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2082 River Point Ct, Green Bay, WI 54115-7972

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