How to Make Tasty Homemade French Fries in 7 Steps?

How to Make Tasty Homemade French Fries in 7 Steps?

Description: The world may be trying to fight unhealthy eating habits, but it seems like the fight against fries isn’t something to write home about. However, you can still prepare healthier homemade French fries for your family, and perhaps that counts.

It doesn’t matter that there’s so much negativity around fries. We all love indulging in this crispy, hot, deep-fried sin. Okay, they might be a load of unhealthy deliciousness, but what if you made them yourself? It does take away some of the guilt, right? But first things first, how do you make French fries at home?
How to Make Tasty Homemade French Fries in 7 Steps?

Making French Fries – Step By Step Guide

Are you ready? It’s really not that complicated.

Step 1 – Use a potato peeler to skin the potatoes, and then slice them into strips. Use a French fry cutter for even strips. The thinner the strips, the crispier they’ll be.

Step 2 If you want your homemade French fries crispy, soak them overnight or for an hour. Alternatively, put them in the fridge for a couple of hours. If you don’t have the time, thoroughly pat them dry. If you have the time, drain and leave them out on a rack to dry.

Step 3 – When preparing your homemade French fries in oil, preheat the cooking oil to 300° F. Add in your potato strips and let them cook for about 5 minutes. The point is to par-cook them, so remove them before they start browning. Alternatively, an electric turkey fryer will get the job done.

Step 4 – Once all the fries are semi-cooked, turn up the heat and get the oil to 400° F and add in your strips. Once they are crispy and golden, remove them and place them on paper towels.

Step 5 – For the bakers, drain your potato strips and dry them with paper towels. Put them in a bowl or ziplock bag, add 2 teaspoons of oil and salt, and combine.

Step 6 – Get your baking sheet and line it with foil or parchment paper, and coat it with oil. Line the strips on the baking sheet and ensure they don’t overlap. Put in the oven and bake at 450° F for about half-hour. Remove them and toss, then let them bake for 10 more minutes. For easier baking, place the potato strips on a rack instead.

Step 7 – Remove them from the oven and place them on a paper towel. Sprinkle with salt and serve your homemade French fries immediately.

Tricks of the Trade

You find that even with detailed instructions, your fries might turn out soggy. So what is it you are doing wrong? Here are a few homemade French fries tips to turn your soggy mess into a golden treat:

  •       Wash your potatoes thoroughly – Doing this gets rid of the starch present in potatoes, which makes them sticky. Once you strip your potatoes, wash them in plenty of running water.
  •       Get the Right Tubers – If you’re going to do this, you better do it right. The best crispy fries are prepared from russet potatoes. However, homemade French fries with red potatoes or fingerlings might be the worst mistake you can make. Their high moisture content means they’ll hollow out when cooked.
  •       Get the Temperature Right – Many recipes go wrong because people don’t know what temperature for homemade French fries is right. If you are frying them, 300° F will cook the potatoes through, and an extra 100° F will brown and crisp them. If you choose to bake, 400° F on the 3rd lowest rack will do the trick.
  •       Use the right oil – Whether you’re making your homemade French fries in an air fryer or a turkey fryer, use oils with high saturated fat content – they’re meant for high-heat cooking.
  •       Soak them – Before frying or baking your potato strips, soak them for as long as possible. This helps to get rid of the starch. If you are pressed for time, soak them in ice water for half an hour.
  •       Double fry – If you want really crispy fries, then deep fry them twice. Even though you’ll get crispy ones with one round, they tend to get soggy if left in the open. The second round gets rid of this moisture.


Conclusion: There isn’t much skill or expertise required to make a golden plate of fries to be honest. However, practice and a whole lot of internet will definitely get you where you want to be. What are some of the tricks you use to get the perfect fries? Drop us a comment, we would love to hear from you!

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