How to Apply for eTa Canada?

How to Apply for eTa Canada?

Why Canada?

Canada is the largest country in North America by land area, second in the world overall. This country has become very popular last days. It is known for the production of maple syrup, for having plenty of lakes, popular filming location,  games of ice hockey filled with wonderfully friendly people, classy, diverse cities, and a diverse landscape that includes tundras, rainforest, deserts, and huge mountains.


What is eTa Canada?

The Canadian government has introduced the eTA since March 2016 as an alternative to the visa Canada

For tourist or business travel to Canada, you do not need a standard visa from a Canadian embassy or consulate. eTA Canada is what you need if your stay lasts less than six months. Other nationals flying to Canada have to obtain an electronic travel authorization (eTA) since March 2016 before departure. More about the visa Canada.


Who needs a Canada eTA?

Non-visa foreign nationals require an eTA Canada (Electronic Travel Authorization) if they fly to Canada or stop over there and leave the transit area. If you are entering by land from the US, you do not need an eTA. The eTA obligation also lapses if you travel to Canada by ship, for example, as part of a cruise.


How to apply for an eTA?

To apply for an eTA, you do not need to visit a Canadian embassy or consulate. You can get Canada ETA   here at https://visa-canada.infoconveniently within minutes. You only need a valid passport, an e-mail address, and a recognized payment option (eg, credit card).

The eTA will be linked to your passport and is valid for up to five years, or whichever comes first until your passport expires. It must be re-applied if your passport expires within the validity of the eTA.

You do not need to carry any printout of the eTA while you are in Canada. Your passport must be valid for at least six months. Your ID card is not valid in Canada. For foreigners, the Canadian government has established a passport requirement by law.

Does eTA can Replace Visa?

The eTA was introduced by the Government of Canada to replace, in most cases, the current visa to Canada. However, it only applies to Visa Waiver Countries. It is electronic permission for arrival. An issued eTA does not automatically mean that you are allowed to enter Canada. The Canadian border officials will decide on the spot.


What should be considered when entering the country?

Officers from the Immigration Department in Canada will ask your immigration documents after arriving in Canada. In the entry survey, travelers must prove that they have sufficient funds for the planned stay. If officials have doubts that you will stay in Canada or if you wish to enter for a purpose other than your written statement, they will further investigate. This can take several hours, especially if they suspect “applying for a job” purpose. The Canadian authorities are very strict. Thus, they could deny your entry.


When does the visa waiver not apply?

  • For a stay of more than six months.
  • Should you be working in Canada?
  • If your entry has already been denied once.

In these cases, you must apply for a Canada visa, work visa, or student visa at a Canadian Consulate or Embassy in Canada. If you want to emigrate to Canada as a German (for example), the Canadian embassy in Austria is responsible for you because there is no immigration department in Berlin. The visa and immigration department in Berlin was closed on April 30, 2012. Applications under the German-Canadian Youth Mobility Agreement must be submitted online.

Who does not need an eTA for Canada?

Permanent Residents of Canada do not require an eTA entry. However, you still have to carry your “permanent resident card” (PR) with you

Furthermore, Canadian dual nationals need a Canadian passport to enter.


Why is there the Canada eTA?

Previously, the Canadian government allowed unregistered, visa-free entry for the visa waiver countries. Due to many negative changes in the international security situation, the Canadian government has changed this.

To put it bluntly, Canada has introduced electronic travel authorization because of the worldwide increased terrorist threat. All in all, we can see this decision by the government as a positive move.

The electronic online procedure makes traveling to Canada more convenient.  At the same time, it protects the country from dangers. Citizens eligible countries can now easily apply online. Apply today eTa Canada application

Good luck !

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