Relocating to Colorado: 3 Social Activities that Won’t Hurt Your Career

Relocating to Colorado: 3 Social Activities that Won’t Hurt Your Career

It isn’t difficult to understand why people would claim Colorado is the best state. Synonymous to the name are visions of rolling farmlands, vast lakes, and the infamous Rocky Mountains. And yet, when you finally relocate because of a job opportunity or a temporary posting, you’re easily drawn to social activities that can potentially hurt your career.

Your newfound love for craft beer, for one, can limit your weekday nights to bars and your weekends to recovering from a hangover. Restaurant hopping to get a taste of Palisades Peaches and Rocky Mountain Oysters sounds good until your pantsuits don’t fit. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in these activities, there are more constructive ways to get social while giving your career a boost.

Running Clubs

“Colorful Colorado” isn’t just a nickname used to market this wonderful state. If you wake up before sunrise, you’ll witness one of the most colorful skies you’ll ever see. This is one reason early-morning running is ideal, and even more so when you’re motivated by a group of enthusiasts.

Colorado has excellent trails that make it a favorite among avid runners. Look up running clubs that you can join to explore scenic trails like Mesa Trail in Boulder, Mount Falcon near Morrison, and the Turquoise Lake Nature Trail outside Leadville, among others. Socializing through fitness groups like this is a good way to surround yourself with people who will motivate you to be in top shape. A healthy employee means fewer sick leaves, and fewer sick leaves make for a happy boss. A happy boss might land you a coveted promotion.

Music Lessons

Rest is vital to every professional. While running releases endorphins and provides a healthy means tode-stress, you’ll sometimes need a physically subtle alternative. Taking piano lessons gives you a social activity that benefits your cognitive abilities. It’s proven to help individuals sharpen their concentration, increase their memory capacity, and boost their emotional intelligence. Among its many benefits, these three are the most helpful in your professional career.

You’ll notice its effect in the workplace when you realize that you remember information better, interpret data with more insight, and concentrate longer during meetings. A high EQ, on the other hand, enhances your communication skills and promotes healthier relationships. It might surprise you to learn how much leaders cherish team members with impressive cognitive skills and emotional intelligence.

Environmental Campaigns

With great natural treasures come organizations that make sure no business tycoon replaces them with skyscrapers. Colorado has more than a handful of groups that continually gather volunteers for their campaigns. These groups usually meet monthly to host events that will educate people about climate change. You’ll likely be invited to other meetings where volunteers will tackle action plans to solve local environmental problems.

Joining such groups isn’t all about marching on the streets, although that’s an integral part of every campaign. You can do your part by volunteering to send emails, share social media posts, and promote petitions to the people you know. It’ll not only look good on your resume; it will also make you part of a worthwhile battle that can save the future.

Mindful Socializing

Believe it or not, your social life can hurt your professional career if you’re not careful of the activities you choose to join. It’s not only your reputation that’s at risk with too much partying, but also your health and job performance. Being mindful of how you have fun in your new home is a simple means to live a happier and more successful life.

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