Product Photography and Marketing for E-Commerce: Making the Most of Your Product Photos

Product Photography and Marketing for E-Commerce: Making the Most of Your Product Photos

The e-commerce business has long been flourishing. The online retail sector has further boomed amid the COVID-19 crisis. More and more consumers have heavily relied on online stores due to the pandemic restrictions. They shop online, place their orders, and get their items delivered right at their doorsteps. They have realized the value and benefits of online businesses.

But crucial to the e-commerce industry is product photography aside from promotional videos. Entrepreneurs have click-and-order stores to display their goods or items online as images. Consumers can only shop online and have a glimpse of your products. They don’t have an experience of your tangible products. That’s why you must make the most of your product photos.

That said, here’s how to boost your product images for marketing:

1. Begin by capturing great images

There’s a line drawn between taking photos of products and capturing good images. The latter requires careful planning and preparation. These include using a quality camera, investing in a tripod, looking for the right background, incorporating proper lighting, and setting up your photo shoot. With these in mind, expect to capture great images of your products. With good photos, there’s little room for editing.

2. Ensure high-quality resolution

As mentioned above, customers can only have a glimpse of your goods or items online. They won’t be able to touch and feel them. But how can you convince these customers to buy your products if you have poor photo presentation? Low-quality images give the impression that you aren’t professional and serious about your business. Hence, make sure to ensure a high-quality resolution for your product photos.

3. Utilize the right dimension

Besides image resolution, you must also factor in the dimensions (photo width and height). Your product photos will look good and work fine on your e-commerce website. Unfortunately, your images can get distorted when moved from your computer to your website. Hence, make sure that no distortion will happen when uploading your photos on your website.

4. Observe a clean background with no clutter

Clutter on your photo is a big no-no, as it can cause a distraction. The focus must be on your subject – your product. Also, having a dirty backdrop can give an impression of unprofessionalism. The rule of thumb is to have a simple, clean background. If you want to take it to the next level, make sure it uplifts your subject, not distract it.

5. Strike a balance between brightness and contrast

Brightness and contrast play a crucial role in product photography. Too much light can make your images appear to have too much exposure. On the other hand, too much darkness can dim your product details. The best course of action is to balance brightness and contrast. Having the right amount of these two variables can highlight your product details. Ultimately, this balance can make your images stand out.

6. Have more than one photo from different angles

When it comes to e-commerce, don’t expect customers to purchase your product by looking at one shot. You have to worry unless they’ve already purchased your product before or you have detailed product descriptions. However, it’s best if you capture images of your products from different angles and publish them on your e-commerce website. That way, your potential customers can picture your products in their actuality.

7. Showcase the product in use

Another effective way to make your photos work is to publish them with products in use. They will give an impression that your items are working. You’ll also show your customers how your products get used through these images. Ultimately, doing this will be more effective than simply displaying your photos with items sitting on a plain background.

8. Hire a professional photo-editing service

If you aren’t satisfied with your product images, hiring a photo-editing company can be your best bet. These professionals can improve the overall quality of your captured images. They can also perform the product photoshoot, aside from photo-editing itself. They also incorporate business branding and product marketing in their services.

At this point, you now know what it takes to boost your product photos for your marketing. Consider the product photography tips recommended above, from having good images to observing a clean background to hiring a photo-editing service. With all these in mind, you can kick your product photos up a notch, thereby enticing customers and coercing them to purchase your goods or items. Ultimately, product photography can contribute to the overall success of your e-commerce business.

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