Modern Office Design Ideas to Attract Young and Qualified Talents

Modern Office Design Ideas to Attract Young and Qualified Talents

It’s easy to assume that our office design should be low on our priority list, especially when our company is just starting. How our office is designed and laid out can greatlyaffect our employees’ general well-being and productivity. While we can’t have a state-of-the-art office right off the bat, certain design elements and choices can help us achieve our goals.

If one of your company’s aims is to hire younger and qualified talent who can present a fresh and more youthful perspective,here are some ways you can design your office to reflect that goal.


Some styling choices are more modern and youthful than others. If you hope to attract younger millennials and Gen Z-ers into your company, here are some up-to-the-minute design and layout choices that might cause them to want to stick around as soon as they step into your office:

  • The modern industrial style is marked by utilitarianismand a distinctly “garage” or”warehouse” aesthetic. It’s no surprise it has grown in popularity in the past few years-it lacks the general stiffness of more traditional office designs, all while being flexible enough to let the companies’ culture and distinct style shine through. To achieve this look, opt for exposed everything-red bricks, beams, pipes, and ducts. Partner with reliable contractors, vendors, anddistributors for materials like stainless steel piping to ensure maximum safety and quality. A neutral color palette is also one of the marks of a modern industrial office design, so don’t go too wild or vibrant with your shade choices.
  • Sustainability is another modern and distinctly youthful office trend that you can explore. Since the younger generations are known for being proponents of client justice, they will certainly appreciate a company that remains committed to caring for the planet, even in its day-to-day office operations.When designing your office, opt for clean and raw materials, like furniture pieces made of recycled ocean plastic. Another way to push sustainability at the forefront is by using natural light. The best part about this design is that it’s not just trendy now; it’s here to stay for a long time.

Activity-based working

One way you can modernize your office is by having spaces that allow you and your employees to have a change of scenery during a busy workday. Here are some ideas you can explore:

  • An open office area can let people have coffee and socialize outside of their workstations before returning to their tasks. It can also be a place where people can collaborate and ask questions to each otherwithout barriers and walls.
  • A quiet focus zone can allow you and your team to enjoysome quiet before going back to your desk. It can be a small booth where you can have some privacy-a great charging station for your more introverted team members.
  • A meeting zone can accommodate all your official meetings and conferences.

While all these spaces canoverlap in function, it will greatly helpif you assign different spaces for specific purposes.


Traditional offices are known for having an extremely professional atmosphere, and there is nothing wrong with that. But studies show that millennial employees helped drive the change towards a more casual environment in the office, from clothes to culture. It’s a trend that will continue even with Generation Z. This is why if you want to reach younger talent, your company needs to get with the times and embrace this casual Friday culture straight out of Silicon Valley.

Here are some tips for helping to embrace a culture of comfort in the workplace:

  • Make the seating area as cozy as possible. Don’t shy away from area rugs, plush couches, soft throws, and fluffy blankets. Incorporate some indoor plants and greenery as well. Help the employees see your office as a second home instead of a place they dread going to every morning.
  • Continue to enforce a more formal dress code, especially if the success of your business hinges on employees being professional at all times. But let your office speak of a different type of atmosphere-it’s possible for your place of work to be both comfortable and homey while still being professional.

If you truly want to attract younger employees, your office needs to reflect this goal. Opt for design choices that engage and stimulate younger generations. This way, you can see just how it will cause them to come running and applying to your company.

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