Men’s Fashion in the Workplace: How to Make a Statement

Men’s Fashion in the Workplace: How to Make a Statement

People who say that fashion is not essential in the workplace are kidding themselves. Employers, managers, and colleagues place a lot of meaning on a person’s attire. It might not seem like a significant factor, but your fashion can help others see how committed you are to your work, how disciplined your lifestyle is, and how stylish you present yourself.

However, it can be challenging for the average guy to learn fashion. Your clothes allow you to make a statement, making yourself remarkable. When you combine your fashion sense with your performance, it might not take a while before your bosses see you as leadership material. There are many things to learn about becoming fashionable, but these tips should be the first ones you have to master.

Cleanliness Matters First

Believe it or not, fashion does not start with clothes and accessories. Your body will be the first thing that other people observe and sometimes judge. Clothes alone will not improve your overall appearance. As a result, the fashion overhaul begins with pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Getting fit and eating a healthy diet should be part of your routine, but grooming and cleaning are underrated activities that you might overlook.

Hair is the most challenging to control when it comes to grooming. No matter how much you style the top of your head, it might fall out of proportion as soon as you dive into your day’s workload. There is a limit to how many hair care products you can use to avoid damage. Every once in a while, the hair might end up growing too long to control.

A visit to the barbershop should be part of your next day’s errands to maintain grooming and cleanliness. The same routine applies to facial hair, especially when you believe a mustache or a beard suits you. If facial hair ends up making you look poorly groomed, shaving should be part of your daily routine.

Plain and Buttons Mean Business

Visiting retail stores and finding online guides might be the first things you do when trying to learn as much as possible about fashion. There are many ways to attack your style, and you don’t have to limit yourself to one approach. However, it means the start of your journey could be chaotic. Your chosen attires might not work, or the sets you pick might end up being expensive. It can be challenging to understand fashion when there are plenty of options available. Fortunately, you can start with two fool-proof categories: plain and buttons.

The workplace is not a place for loud shirts, especially those that present controversial topics or images. Employees should always maintain professionalism, and none displays it more than plain clothes. Companies are more flexible to work attire, some allowing workers to enter the site with casual clothes. A plain shirt and pants ensure you maintain a professional appearance while enjoying the freedom to dress up. Try to secure a few pieces to avoid repeating the same outfit every time in the office.

On the other end, clothes with buttons might be the more professional option with a casual outfit. Polos and polo shirts provide a bridge between semi-formal and casual attire, making them adaptable to social gatherings and the workplace. Your first options should be plain and buttons since both elements are also present for formal attire, saving you a lot of time when you need to dress up for a client meeting.

Accessories Make You Shine

Clothes are necessary for your fashion sense. However, there might be a few missing pieces left. Accessories provide those elements, completing your everyday look. Those pieces elevate your fashion, especially when the brands feel like timeless classics. A Rolex watch might become everyday use because of the luxurious feeling surrounding it. A men’s Bally belt also produces the same type of feeling and appeal.

Your scent can also be part of the fashion sense, with your perfume being an invisible item that keeps people’s heads turning towards you. Those are X-factors for your look, differentiating you from your colleagues as the presentable worker in the office. However, they come with a cost. Before you invest in accessories, your financial situation must allow you to purchase them without struggling. Saving up for those pieces might take months, but they are worthy investments for your workplace fashion.

While fashion might be a factor in how people treat you inside the office, it should not overpower your work and performance. Letting your skills speak for you is the best way to make a statement. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you have the appearance and style that go along with them.

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