Jewelry Safety Tips That Will Keep Your Precious Items Safe

Jewelry Safety Tips That Will Keep Your Precious Items Safe

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Jewelry is nice to look at and is for wearing. However, this exposes the pieces to potential damage. Many things can go wrong and wreck a piece of jewelry. If you want to keep them safe while also showing them off, here are some tips that should help ensure that your jewelry is safe.

Avoid Getting Sweaty

One of the first things you have to remember is to not do anything strenuous while wearing any jewelry. Sweat can be bad for a variety of metals. It all depends on what your pieces are made of. Gold and sterling silver have nothing to worry about but silver will get a bit tarnished. But copper, nickel, and brass can corrode when in direct contact with sweat. Since some pieces mix these metals in to lower the prices, then you will have issues. They can even damage your skin. Always check the composition of your jewelry to ensure it is safe from this sort of damage.

Learn How To Properly Clean Them

Another part of jewelry safety is how to properly clean them. Improper cleaning of jewelry can lead to problems. For one, while you don’t get as sweaty as usual, even trace amounts of it can ruin jewelry if left alone. Body oils can also be a problem since the jewelry has contact with the skin. Use warm soapy water and a brush for gentle removal of these from the jewelry. When done, you should dry them with a clean cloth and air them out a bit. During cleaning, you should take note of any damage that needs repairing so that you can take them to the jewelers if necessary.

Keep The Rings Off In The Kitchen

One of the most common losses when it comes to jewelry is the loss of rings. This usually happens in the kitchen. While most people are smart to remove the fancier rings from their fingers, the plainer rings are usually forgotten. The result is that when they are preparing a meal, whether it is something simple like a chicken macaroni salad or a fancy dish like paella, the ring gets lost in the shuffle. This is because cold water, which is usually part of any food preparation, causes fingers to shrink. A ring’s snug fit becomes loose then it suddenly disappears. This is usually down the sink or somewhere worse. This only gets noticed later. So always take the rings off before preparing any big meal.

Prevent Thefts The Smart Way

Another danger that comes up when dealing with jewelry is theft. Fancy jewelry is nice to look at but that means many people would like to have it by any means. According to the US Jeweler’s Security Alliance, 2018 saw an increase in jewelry theft and that is to stores alone. Houses are far less secure and vulnerable. The best way to protect your jewelry is to keep them in a safe, either in your home or in a bank. You should also regularly check on them to ensure that they are safe and secure.

But keeping your jewelry safe at home is easy. The trouble is when you go out. If you are traveling and have jewelry with you, always bring it along. Most pieces can fit in cases that are good for carry-on luggage. Keep it always in your sight and never have someone else handle the bag with the jewelry. Once you get to your destination, ask for a safe or something similar to secure it during your stay.

Proper Storage Is Key

Besides security, proper storage can ensure that your jewelry is safe from damage from the elements. Pieces can be surprisingly fragile when left outside. They are made of metal and are susceptible to corrosion. While gold is safe, some pieces are made of alloys, and exposure to the air and other elements can slowly damage it. For storage, each piece should be stored in a fabric bag to avoid any scratches. Additionally, when storing jewelry, you shouldn’t pile them up together. They have to be in separate compartments so that they can be fully safe. You should also take them out every few months for cleaning and checking to be sure that they are still in good condition.

Expensive jewelry deserves to be shown off. But they can also be sentimental pieces so you don’t want them damaged in any way. Taking the time to prevent them from getting damaged should be a top priority. You can preserve them for the future and leave them to future generations.

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