Accounting made simpler through digital process

Accounting made simpler through digital process

Accounting is one of the important activities for a business organization. It is very important to maintain the financial records of a company. In very simple words, accounting services are important to determine the financial position of a company. A practice of systematic organisation and checking of passbooks should be done regularly. Managing multiple works and activities at the same time causes a lot of confusions for the account holder and the other concerned people. From creating profit and loss statements to keeping records of all the transactions- it is indeed a matter of grave importance. A simple example of how technology has made accounting services easier – Now a days, all of us have changed their passbooks to mobile accounts passbook. That is easy to use and manage at the same time and the problem of losing the passbook also does not exist because it’s on the phone.

For the smooth functioning of a company, business accounting services play a distinct role. Many big companies hire reputed firms to maintain a flawless record of their financial activities. Not only this, accounting will help to figure out the company’s current position and determine investing strategies which is important for incurring any losses coming further. The best way to do accounting is by maintaining an excel sheet. Where you keep every single detail for your account and your passbook activity. Then it becomes easier to find and show details and payments done in an order. The work has become much easier and efficient with the help of interconnected technological facilities that one does not require to worry about any form of errors. 

There is no doubt that accounting plays an important role for a company from various aspects. Technology has had its impact on accounting that has made it even more simple. Here’s how-

  • Digital accounting has taken bank accounts to the next level. It has popularised the idea. It has made all the bank works easy and secure. And time wastage has gone. It has reduced work pressure and saves a lot of time in our busy schedule. Digital accounting enables us to keep a track record of our financial activities in a much more efficient way. The best part is that one can track the activities from anywhere, be it home or office. For a professional accountant, possessing a certain skill set is important to avail the benefits of digital accounting. 


  • Introduction of cloud computing may be helpful in this respect. In cloud computing, users can the access software application remotely through the internet or another network. Almost any accounting activity such as preparing invoice, computing and processing data, adding receipts, tax calculation and sending financial reports can be performed through mobile phones these days with the help of cloud accounting services. Cloud is an efficient way of storing information because of its security and convenience. One does not need to worry about a breach or loss of any information. Cloud accounting does not require so much lookout as it is not done in pen and paper. There is provision of backup as well for storing the files permanently even if system failure occurs. 


  •  In technical accounting, the chances of a manual error are quite low because the work is done in a computer. In this case, three things should be maintained properly – balance Sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows. Accounting is not just doing banking and maintaining passbooks, it’s about keeping tabs on your transactions in a distinct way. It is for the user’s convenience; the records must be updated regularly. Maintaining records of all transaction and depositing should be done in the record book.


With technology aiding accounting, it is also possible for multiple people to work on the same file at the same time without any difficulty. The information is also safe without any possibility of breach of security. One must also mention this that technology has made accounting very simple because it has reduced manual labour and the chance of errors. It is obvious that dealing with a lot of numbers can be confusing. Technology has made it much simpler for the accountants to handle the financial matters efficiently for the convenience of the clients. 

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