A Guide to Making Your Storefront More Appealing to Customers

A Guide to Making Your Storefront More Appealing to Customers

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, many physical store owners seem to ignore the importance of their storefront. As a business owner, it’s imperative to still give time and attention to improving your storefront. It’s a strong asset of inviting local consumers or passersby into visiting your shop and purchasing something.

With thousands of window shoppers out there, having an appealing storefront gives you the opportunity of turning them into actual customers. In short, it’s a great advertisement for your shop. Let’s now explore some creative ways on how you can make storefront more attractive to customers.

1. Keep the place clean

Maintaining a clean storefront or shop is probably the most basic thing you can do to make the space appealing and pleasing to look at. Don’t let the dust or street trash turn your potential customers away by keeping your storefront spotless. But apart from that, it’s also a vital thing that your staff knows how to maintain a high level of cleanliness. If your team looks their best, then it’s likely that customers won’t hesitate to interact with them. Some of the specific actions you can take include planning daily floor maintenance, focusing on restrooms (if you have any), washing store windows on a regular basis, and scheduling deep cleaning.

2. Consider landscaping

If you’re one of the lucky store owners who manage to have extra outdoor space, then you might want to consider hiring an expert in commercial landscaping. For instance, you can have them layer flower beds in your store’s outdoor area and plant some beautiful Perennial flowers. If this idea doesn’t suit the type of your shop, you can just opt for hardscape such as walk paths or seating areas, which are appealing features for customers. In case, you already got landscape in place, don’t forget to focus on maintenance to keep your store’s appearance pleasing to the eyes. Who would want to visit a store with a slippery entryway?

3. Display eye-catching signage

If your shop is located in a busy area, chances are, distracted customers won’t be able to notice you without eye-grabbing signage. Investing in good store signage is generally affordable and highly effective for attracting onlookers or passersby. In fact, most local shops just use sandwich boards to create their up-front signage. Be creative with your colors, shape, and content (sprinkle in some humor too). Retail consultants recommend putting out signsfor special deals and end-season sales, as well as promoting new offers.

4. Use easy-to-read fonts

Speaking of displays and store signs, most store owners seem to have a bit of fun in using quirky or fancy fonts. While doing so might seem unique and pretty, keep in mind that you should not sacrifice the readability for style. After all, your goal is to attract passersby into your store. Do you think something driving by the store would stop if they can’t even read your product signs or displays? Use stylish yet still easy-to-read fonts so the passersby can also quickly understand the message you’re trying to say.

5. Freshen it up when needed

Freshening up your store based on seasons might seem a bit of work for some, but this improvement can be fruitful for your sales. Be creative and come up with impressive displays to put in your windows and decorate the entire space with a relevant theme. For example, let’s say you are preparing your shop for the autumn season, you can use beautiful autumnal shades and colors such as light brown, reddish tone, or green and artistically display leaves all over the place. However, it’s suggested to still keep the displays on-brand and fairly simple. Using off-brand fonts or colors or overloading your windows with stuff is not visually appealing for a customer.

6. Utilize mood lighting

A storefront that looks dim and dark is never an attractive sight. What you should have is a bit of mood lighting to give your store life and a good ambiance. For instance, you can invest in a yellow or warmer light fixture that is a more comforting, nostalgic, and inviting feel. If you’re trying to create a more active and modern vibe, you can install blue-hued lights or anything in cooler shades. Cooler lighting is also a smart trick to make the space feel more spacious than it actually is.

A poorly-designed storefront can never attract a great number of window shoppers or even convert them into customers. After all, a shopper won’t bother to look insider your shop if they don’t like what they see outside. By doing these simple improvements, you can make your storefront stand out among the rest and entice as many customers as you can in a day.

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