5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Venue for Your Corporate Events

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Venue for Your Corporate Events

Most companies hold several types of events each year. For one, all employees from different levels and areas of the business get together to celebrate their annual holiday or year-end parties.

Additionally, organizations hold different types of meetings, seminars and training programs for their employees several times throughout the year. Team building events are annual occurrences for nearly all companies as well.

If you have the responsibility of planning these different events every year, you need to get the process of finding the perfect venue for each corporate gathering down pat.

Finding the Perfect Venue for Your Next Corporate Event

Whether you’re looking for fun party venues for your team building events or formal spaces for your next company meetings or conferences, you can narrow down your list of possible options and zero in on the perfect one by avoiding these mistakes:

1. Searching for a venue without enough details about the event

Since finding the ideal venue is often the most time-consuming part of planning an event, you may want to get a head start on looking for one once you know that something is coming up.

However, you will waste a lot of time, money, and effort if you begin your search without any sufficient information about the upcoming gathering.

Before you start looking for a venue, make sure you know the key details about the corporate event. Find out what it is about, the type of event (formal or casual), the number of expected guests, and the theme, if there is one.

Find out what the goals are for this event as well. If these haven’t been established yet, it would be best to set them with your boss or management immediately so that you can be sure the venue you choose can support them.

2. Booking a venue without visiting it

Looking for and reserving an event venue is quite easy since you can do this using the Internet. But you will be making a huge mistake if you confirm your booking without seeing the place in person.

To be sure you will book the ideal venue, pay a visit to it first. Look at the rooms or function spaces, paying close attention to their size and the number of people they can accommodate

Additionally, assess the level of illumination inside the space. Does it get enough natural light or is it too dark even when the lighting fixtures are turned on?

Don’t forget to take note of the ambiance inside and outside the venue. If you are planning a celebratory party, for instance, you have to ensure it has a fun and festive vibe so that everyone can get into the enjoyable spirit easily.

If you want to avoid booking a venue that is too large or too small for your expected number of guests and that has the wrong ambiance for the occasion, visit and check it out first.

3. Failing to check what’s included in the venue rental

While visiting the venue, ask what furniture and equipment would be available for your use during the event. Check what other facilities and services you and your group can have access to.

Most venue rentals offer packages which include the use of the facilities, catering, and other services. However, make sure you know which ones are free and which elements require extra fees. Also, find out how much you have to pay for each attendee that exceeds the guest limit.

Keep in mind that you may end up going over your budget unexpectedly if you don’t know exactly what the venue rental package covers. As such, avoid unanticipated fees that you have to pay for after the event by getting an itemized list of what is included and what is not in your rental.

4. Selecting a venue in an inaccessible location

No matter how perfect and budget-friendly a venue is, if it is in a remote place that isn’t accessible to your guests, then your event won’t be a hit.

Even if your guests make an effort to attend the event, the long travel time and the effort spent on locating the venue will leave them too tired to enjoy it.

As such, choose a venue that won’t require the guests to travel for long hours and to puzzle over complicated directions. Make sure it is near public transportation hubs or bus and taxi stands. You will also do well to ensure it has ample parking space for the attendees that will bring their vehicles.

5. Failing to check the nearby attractions or places of interest

Lastly, don’t assume that your guests would immediately go home after the event. If you want to line up some additional fun activities for your group after the affair, find a venue that is situated near such places.

Many event venues are close to beaches, popular landmarks, malls and entertainment or recreation centers. Your guests will enjoy exploring and trying out the different activities in these places.

If you want to do something more relaxing with the guests after the event, make sure there are nearby cafes or restaurants where you can enjoy some delectable food and beverages and unwind at the same time.


Finding the perfect venue for all your corporate events can be challenging. Avoiding these mistakes in selecting one can help you save a lot of time, money and effort and ensure the success of your gathering.

Once you find a place that is versatile enough to accommodate different events, make it your first choice so that you don’t have to go through the whole process again.

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