Railmitra is an Indian railway Utility app that helps the Indian Passengers to plan their journey in the most significant manner giving a lot of flexibility of information to its users through its AI-enabled App. Railmitra used frequently by its users to check the PNR status of the journey tickets. To check PNR status through RailMitra is very convenient. You simply need to enter your 10 digits PNR number into the dedicated box and then click the “check PNR” tab. That’s it. You will have all your PNR status displayed on your mobile screen. Along with the PNR status of the tickets, RailMitra enables its users to get the confirmation Probability conditions of the non-confirmed or waitlisted tickets and periodically sends notifications about the changes/progress made in your waitlisted tickets.

RailMitra, Your journey planner takes pride in introducing E-catering Services in the train in PAN India to make its users plan their journey in the tastiest manner. Now, the Indian Railway passengers can online order food on train while their journey in any corner of the County. Railmitra has done partnership with premium restaurants in each corner of the Indian states to make the tasty and hygienic food available to all its users while traveling in the train.

To ensure hygienic and fresh food delivery on the train, RailMitra has partnered with only FSSAI approved restaurants of the country. So whenever you plan to do your railway journey then you can try out food from RailMitra for your journey-food.

Apart from PNR and e-catering, there are some other features of Railmitra helps its users in true manners to organize their train journey. RailMitra shows the Running status of your train so that you can keep an eye on your train. AI-enabled app of Railmitra helps in locating your train running status and shows all the upcoming stations en-routes its destination.

By using RailMitra App/ Website you can also check out the Train schedule. Means, you can check out the trains and its schedule including its time-table, intermediate stations coming en-route, stoppage and halt durations and other information regarding the particular train. So this way, by using Train schedule feature of the RailMitra app you can easily plan your journey efficiently.

Additionally, There are a number of other features such as Trains between status, live station status, and day by day updated Rail-News on the site helps all the Rail-fans and Railway travelers both.

So, now download the RailMitra App to get your true travel planner with you all the time to plan your railway journey in the most significant way than ever.

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