Amazon Suspension Appeal

If you are wondering why your Amazon account is being suspended or why you’ve had an Amazon suspension, the possible reasons can range from poor operation to the sale of prohibited products. Most of U.S. families buy products from Amazon. With the immense volume of online business being done, the online marketplace must regulate its sellers to ensure a safe, fair and reliable experience for all users. If you feel that you did not follow Amazon’s policies or you are in contravention of any terms and conditions of Amazon, then you should immediately contact Amazon to reinstate your account. It is important to understand that most suspensions are temporary and only because you did not follow Amazon’s policies.


In case you are suspended from an Amazon seller account, you should immediately contact Amazon. You should provide all the necessary information such as, your name, address, email and telephone numbers. You should also provide proof of identity, such as, a driver’s license or a valid credit card. A copy of your website content, including the relevant images should be sent to Amazon to confirm your identity. Amazon will also ask you for explanations for the suspension and you should provide the correct information.


In case Amazon informs you of your suspension, you should immediately contact an Amazon authorized member rep, who will provide you with the necessary information. Amazon provides support and assistance for sellers with any issues or concerns. You can also log into Amazon Support Center to submit an appeal. You can also visit Amazon’s website to go through the complete reinstatement process. The Support Center provides answers to frequently asked questions as well as guidelines and instructions on how to reinstate your Amazon seller account.


Amazon provides support for sellers only. If you have a complaint or question about the suspension, you should first contact Amazon Customer Services before sending an appeal. The following steps are important to follow to submit an appeal: First, you should log into the Amazon Support Center. You can also visit Amazon’s website to go through the complete reinstatement process. The following steps are important to follow to submit an amazon suspension appeal.


Amazon suspends sellers whose listings are removed due to complaints by other customers. The Suspended Items status shows up in the Amazon Help Center. To see the Status, click on the link “Suspended Items” next to the title of an individual book in your collection. Alternately, you can contact Amazon Customer Service using the phone number given in the “Whois” header of an e-mail message that you receive about the suspension.


If you have been a long time Amazon seller, chances are, you would have heard about Amazon’s anti-fraudulent policies and measures. This policy was introduced in 2021 and applies to all sellers across the world. Amazon takes action against sellers who provide Amazon store listings for selling counterfeit products. Themes and images that are used for counterfeit items are changed. Images that are similar to legitimate trademarks are replaced with the unauthorized trademarked image.


There are some sellers who may be selling their merchandise as a way to make money. Others may be using it as a means to escape from financial problems. However, there are others who may be using counterfeit goods as a shield from the legal consequences of committing a fraud. If you were suspended from an Amazon seller account for suspected selling of counterfeit products, here are some of the things that you can do to appeal the decision of suspension: Send an appeal letter to Amazon stating the reasons why your account was suspended.


Send certified mail with request for review and address enclosed with your signed appeal document. Amazon requires certified mail receipt as proof of delivery. Amazon will then check with the Credit Quality Commission (CQC) and your local United States customs office to determine if you qualify for a refund, reinstatement or other relief. Amazon will then give you a detailed description of the result of your appeal and tell you whether your suspension is permanent or temporary.

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