Faridabad Industries Association

Faridabad Industries Association popularly known as “FIA” was started in 1952. In the year 1965-66 the erstwhile Punjab Manufactures Organisation was merged with Faridabad Industries Association to form a larger organisation to represent the small, medium and large scale industries in the area. Over the efflux of time, the Faridabad Industries Association has become one of the most out spoken and effective Associations in the Northern Region. Its views are listened to with respect by all authorities and it is entirely because of the continuous support, which it gets from its members.

The FIA members are contributing nearly 80% of the turnover and employment in this industrial complex. Nearly 50 % of its members are ISO certified companies.

The FIA is largely a service-oriented organisation and its presence in all facets of industrial activities is being actually felt by its members. The FIA is not only serving the industries but also extends its activities to other areas like Environment, Sports, Cultural, Rural Education, Social projects etc. It is the main reason for its credibility and increased membership over a period of years.

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